The English team offer up-to-date guidance and support to enable schools to develop and enhance their understanding of how children learn and the most effective ways to support learning.

We support teachers, teaching assistants, schools, subject leaders, senior leaders and groups of schools to develop their teaching of English as part of whole-school improvement. We work with ITT institutions, Exeter University, Edge Hill University, The Institute of Education (UCL), FFT and other local authorities to bring the broadest range of ideas to classrooms.

The English and maths teams have just published their school support programmes for 2023/24.  Take a look through the pages below to find out more or download the complete offer as a PDF file.

primary aged boy reading a book in the school library

Product Recommendations

BookWrites: using real texts to teach writing. 200+ teaching sequences for writing. This is an annual subscription to a series of detailed learning activities written around high-quality suggested texts that model effective and exciting writing.
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This resource is a collection of reading plans based on high quality texts for teaching reading from year 1 to year 6.
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Assessment of writing is designed to support teachers in making accurate, evidence-based assessments of writing across KS1 and KS2.
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