National PSHE CPD programme

nothingAre you ready for statutory PSHE?

New government guidance requires

ALL schools to teach Relationships Education/Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education by September 2020. The National PSHE CPD Programme will lead participants through the areas necessary to have a confident, accurate and up-to-date knowledge, appreciation and understanding of PSHE along with associated research, guidance and pedagogy.

Why this programme?

  • support positive mental health
  • help address safeguarding including child sexual exploitation, radicalisation and FGM
  • provide recognition for individuals
  • improve competence and confidence in delivering PSHE, Relationships Education/RSE and Health Education
  • raise the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in PSHE
  • inspire positive change within the PSHE curriculum
  • effectively support children and young people to deal with life's challenges
  • encourage best practice and a climate of wellbeing

Definition of PSHE

Personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) is a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help young people grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and communities.

Overview of the programme

We provide a comprehensive tutor-led training programme. Each session progressively builds upon the previous session enabling participants to apply an evidence based approach to their teaching and strategic developments. Participants will be required to plan and deliver a PSHE lesson which will be observed - this forms part of the reflective approach underpinning the programme. All necessary course materials are provided; these will support participants during each of the training days and will help to direct further independent reading and study.

Who should attend?

Teachers, HLTAs, community nurses, police officers, teaching assistants, youth workers, fire and safety officers and other professionals delivering and supporting PSHE in schools and other settings.

What 'your' programme covers

  • Theory and concepts underpinning PSHE and its specialist areas
  • Legislation and guidance which support and impact on PSHE
  • Assessment and evaluation in PSHE
  • Being a reflective practitioner
  • Inclusion and equalities
  • Dealing with sensitive issues
  • Normative education

Please contact us to discuss your PSHE requirements. Alternatively, call the team on 01392 287296.