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Headship recruitment and support

Headteacher recruitment, induction, performance management and mentoring

Choosing a new headteacher is the most critical decision for a governing board. A new headteacher has the potential to energise a school, develop staff and improve outcomes for young people. We will support governing boards throughout the process in making the right choice.

Headteacher performance management is a responsibility of governing boards and is one of the key elements of leadership to ensure the effective delivery of high-quality education for all children in a school. We can support this process with highly qualified and experienced advisors with the most up-to-date and current knowledge of the requirements of Ofsted, the DfE and other relevant educational bodies and authorities.

Headteacher recruitment

Professional guidance from an educational adviser during the process to support:

  • Initial meeting with governing board
  • Shortlisting
  • Support with planning and organising the interview programme
  • Support with preparation of assessment activities for candidates
  • Overseeing the assessment activities during interview days
  • Professional feedback to all candidates

All our support is tailored towards the individual needs of schools to help attract the very best candidates for the school. Our educational advisers are professionals who have held senior management or headship posts and have wide ranging experience of leadership recruitment.

Headteacher induction

In addition to attendance at the DCC funded welcome day, and initial adviser visit, further support can be purchased, and training events are also offered.

Headteacher performance management

Our headteacher performance management (HTPM) will support governing boards to ensure that they receive the best advice to ensure that the critical process of headteacher appraisal delivers positive outcomes which support school improvement. HTPM will:

  • Reflect on the headteacher’s performance and how this impacts directly on school improvement and children’s education
  • Be a supportive and motivating experience where the headteacher receives specific and constructive feedback
  • Set objectives linked to the improvement of children’s education
  • Enable the improvement of professional practice and identify the headteacher’s professional development needs for the next 12 months
  • Recognise the need to consider the headteacher’s career aspirations
  • Be part of an ongoing professional dialogue between the headteacher and governors
  • Remain a confidential process unless the headteacher decides to share objectives with a wider audience

Preparation before the meeting:

  • Ensure the governing body have discussed and clarified the process and expectations of the appraisal based on current areas of priority
  • Discuss with the relevant governors the focus of the advisor’s role in the appraisal process
  • Review of relevant data, previous year’s appraisal and current school development priorities

Appraisal meeting

A face-to-face discussion to review the previous year’s appraisal and set objectives for the current year (see above).

Follow up

Feedback to governors as necessary and submit written reports of the review and new appraisal using school formats. Additional mid-year review can be completed on request.

Coaching, mentoring and supervision

As part of the ongoing support that we provide to headteachers we are now offering a programme of coaching and mentoring. In this ever changing and highly accountable educational landscape, being a head of school or senior leader in school is probably one of the most challenging and yet rewarding roles in schools today. This programme offers an opportunity for leaders to access much needed personal support as well as providing ways to move forward and feel empowered to do their best.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring for senior leaders and heads of schools:

  • Regular 1:1 sessions both face-to-face and teleconferencing
  • Focus and topics identified by the coachee
  • Feedback and support provided to develop the individual

Group Coaching/Supervision:

  • Groups of teachers or senior leaders receive individual face-to-face coaching sessions
  • The coach will identify themes emerging through the individual coaching sessions
  • Themes are then presented to the group as a whole for discussion
  • A group coaching/supervision session is then offered to identify outcomes and ways forward