Devon Assurance Partnership (DAP)

Our clients find our audit service a very engaging and supportive service. Our team of dedicated schools' auditors are very experienced in delivering a service, that is tailored to meet schools' needs and is highly praised by schools. Our customers often say how helpful our auditors are and welcome the assurance and support that we provide the school and staff.

Devon Assurance Partnership is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening its customers' achievement of their aims, through assurance on their financial and operational systems. We do this by providing quality internal audit services and assurance to schools, governors, staff and pupils, through a staff of highly experienced and enthusiastic people, sharing a tradition of integrity and rigorous service to our clients.

We are experienced in providing a range of tailor-made services to academies to suit a MAT's needs.

We have a number of products that are only available to certain groups of schools. Please log in to see the products relevant to your school type.

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