Mediation is when impartial, trained mediators can help to resolve conflict or a dispute between two or more employees.  We do this by enabling them to talk about their situation, exchange their views and concerns and come up with ideas about how to move the situation forward.   

There are numerous benefits to Mediation. 

  • Wellbeing – dealing with workplace issues quickly and informally through mediation can improve an employee’s health and wellbeing and can improve attendance at work.
  • It helps to improve working relationships – dealing with issues at an early stage can resolve issues that would be detrimental to productivity and harmony in the workplace.
  • Speed of resolution – Mediation can work more quickly and therefore more cost-effectively than other dispute procedures.
  • Confidentiality – The process is carried out within agreed boundaries of confidentiality which avoids publicity and protects reputations.
  • Likelihood of success – Participation is voluntary, so there is a better chance that an agreement will be successful and respected by both parties.
  • Develops a good people management culture – It enables both parties to contribute to finding a win-win solution which supports trust-based relationships and a culture of good people management.

Our Mediation team provides a fast and effective way to resolve workplace issues and conflicts.  We co-ordinate and facilitate the mediation for you and it is usually completed within one day.

When would Mediation be appropriate in your workplace?  Some of the most usual situations we mediate for are:

  • Instances of personality clashes
  • Difficulties with management styles
  • Breakdown in communication
  • At the beginning or end of a grievance process

If you are considering whether mediation is the right answer to a conflict or dispute in your workplace, please contact us and one of our experienced mediators will contact you to discuss the situation.