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Mental health and wellbeing

We work with school staff to develop strategies for managing children's emotions and challenging behaviours and to help them support and understand  feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. We can help schools deal with aggressive and disruptive pupils by managing their behaviour through passive interventions and can improve pupil engagement with learning by building their confidence and motivation. Enabling children to form good relationships, within which they learn to feel safe and secure, trust and regulate, is key to learning and development.

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Product recommendations

A relational approach to learning, development and wellbeing in the Early Years.

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This three day online Attachment Based Mentoring course aims to meet the specific needs of children who are most in need.
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Join us for this conference in partnership with Public Health to support schools to achieve a mentally healthy environment for all. 
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Sub themes within Mental health and wellbeing

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Educational psychology

The Educational Psychology team has detailed knowledge of SEND legislation and current best practice to support vulnerable children and young people.

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Passive intervention and prevention strategies (PIPS)

PIPS training aims to support staff in developing a consistent, effective and acceptable team approach to managing behaviour.

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Our consultants for PSHE, healthy eating and emotional health and wellbeing provide support for schools and agencies supporting children and young people.

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Relational learning

Relational Learning aims to develop an understanding of how schools can support children through individual relationships, classroom practice and policy.

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Social, emotional and mental health

Our SEMH Support Team is experienced and skilled in working with schools to meet the needs of disadvantaged and at risk pupils and achieve Ofsted outcomes.

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