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Data and assessment

The Data and Assessment team supports schools to provide effective advice and guidance on all elements of statutory national curriculum assessment, recording and reporting requirements across all key stages.

The team continues to provide comprehensive information in relation to pupil performance data issues in schools and colleges, working with a number of external data providers to ensure that Devon schools have access to up-to-date information, advice and guidance in a period of fast moving educational developments.

In addition, the team are able to support bespoke training and guidance drawing on the most recent legislation and information to meet the needs of the educational community in Devon.

Data and assessment core subscription package for academies

(Devon LA maintained schools receive this core subscription package funded by DCC)

  • Statutory KS1 and KS2 moderation visits
  • Subject input for English and mathematics
  • KS2 and phonics screening check
  • Data collection 
  • Helpline support for administrators, headteachers, teachers, governors and parents
  • Access to 'NOVA' school level interactive reports

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Bespoke review and/or consultancy

We can work with you to review current arrangements and suggest improvements to ensure that the best use is being made of data systems and reports such as ASP, Key to Success, Perspective Lite, IDSR and any commercially available systems used in your school.

We'll explore how reports, analysis and data systems can be used to inform discussion with senior leaders, other schools, Ofsted, LA advisors, governors and parents and can be used to frame questions which can go on to influence school improvement priorities.

We'll make recommendations to ensure that all relevant systems are available and being used effectively and suggestions in relation to follow up work and more in-depth analysis.

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