Equality and diversity policy, and equality duty review DCC guidance and exemplar (schools)


Research demonstrates that prejudice and discrimination impact on a child’s well-being, attendance and attainment. All establishments should have a well-developed Equality and Diversity policy highlighting their commitment to improving the outcomes of children and staff in their care.

Devon County Council has collaborated across teams, school leaders and external partners to bring you two exemplars to support your establishment to meet its Equality duty. Our aim is to highlight how as an establishment you can commit to delivering learning and support to meet the needs of children, whilst celebrating and encouraging learning on diversity.

The Equality and diversity policy provides a clear template, with guidance to develop a policy that is impactful. The Equality duty review provides you with a template for your equality objective review 4 year cycle.

These exemplars should be edited by your team to ensure they are bespoke to your establishments and demographics.

These policies and your review can be supported by our Equality, diversity and inclusion awareness staff training.

Product code: EMGR-RES-01001