Headteacher performance management (HTPM)


The headteacher performance management (HTPM) will support governing boards so that they receive the best advice to ensure that the critical process of headteacher appraisal delivers positive outcomes which support school improvement. The process will:

  • Reflect on the headteacher’s performance and how this impacts directly on school improvement and children’s education
  • Be a supportive and motivating experience where the headteacher receives specific and constructive feedback
  • Set objectives linked to the improvement of children’s education
  • Enable the improvement of professional practice and identify the headteacher’s professional development needs for the next 12 months
  • Recognise the need to consider the headteacher’s career aspirations
  • Be part of an ongoing professional dialogue between the headteacher and governors
  • Remain a confidential process unless the headteacher decides to share objectives with a wider audience

Preparation before the meeting:

  • Ensure the governing body have discussed and clarified the process and expectations of the appraisal based on current areas of priority
  • Discuss with the relevant governors the focus of the advisor’s role in the appraisal process
  • Review of relevant data, previous year’s appraisal and current school development priorities.

During the appraisal meeting: a face-to-face discussion to review the previous year’s appraisal and set objectives for the current year.

Follow up: feedback to governors as necessary and submit written reports of the review and new appraisal using school formats. Additional mid-year review can be completed on request.

Product Code: SSIM-CON-06005