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The GDPR introduced a duty for schools to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) as they are defined as public authorities.  DPOs help schools to monitor compliance to data protection legislation whilst informing and advising on data protection obligations.  Under data protection legislation, schools must ensure their DPO is an expert in this field, therefore your school is accountable when it comes to keeping your  DPO informed.  Our DPO Networking Forums will help you to achieve this.
Devon County Council's DPO Networking Forum is an online event held termly where DPOs from subscribing and non-subscribing schools meet to discuss matters related to data protection in schools.  It's an opportunity for DPOs to keep informed, stay up-to-date with any changes in data protection legislation and share ideas with other DPOs in the same sector. 

Training objectives

  • Your school is accountable when it comes to protecting the personal data in your care.
  • You must demonstrate your commitment to GDPR under Article 37(1) by appointing an appropriate DPO.
  • Your DPO must have expertise in data protection laws and practices and a good understanding of the GDPR.
  • They must understand how your school processes personal data, be knowledgeable about the systems you use to do this and the security in place around your school’s data. 
  • Keeping your school DPO informed is the responsibility of every school and our DPO Networking Forums will help your DPO to keep their finger on the pulse.
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