Educational visits co-ordinator (EVC) training (in person)

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This is a mandatory training course for staff new to the role of EVC in schools.


This DfE approved course covers the management checks and procedures for visits required by the DfE and the local authority/employer.  This course is also recommended for those that are new to the role of Head.

Every school should have a named Educational Visits Co-ordinator who is trained and remains up to date.

This course includes;

  • The Law relating to off-site visits
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Use of external providers/venues
  • Use of Evolve
  • Submitting and Approving Evolve visit forms
  • Managing staff and establishment settings on Evolve

Those attending the course should have a basic working knowledge of how to add and submit a visit form. If you are new to the role of EVC or Head and have little knowledge of Evolve it is recommended that time is set aside to familiarise yourself with adding and submitting visit forms before the training day. 

Anyone needing login details should ask their current EVC, Head or the Local Authority at email: [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: During this EVC training course we will be referring to the Devon & Torbay Local Authority policies & procedures for educational visits and the use of the Devon & Torbay version of Evolve.  All of this will be relevant to Devon & Torbay schools and schools that subscribe to the Devon Education Services Off-Site Visits Advice service, but may be less relevant to others schools from other areas.  Therefore, for schools outside of Devon and Torbay or those that DO NOT subscribe to the Devon Education Services Off-Site Visits Advice service, you may wish to find a training provider closer to your local area.

Training objectives

This course ensures competence in the following areas:

  • Understand the law relating to Off-Site Visits
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of all staff
  • Understand the Local Authorities requirements
Product code: ODLD-TRN-01000

Dates and locations