3 new/updated online learning courses from our Safeguarding Team

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Safeguarding Level 1: From September 2021, it is essential that all staff who work directly with children and young people in an education setting read at least Part One and Annex B of the most recent Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and that those staff working in education settings, who do not have direct contact with children and young people, should read and understand either Part One or Annex A (KCSiE). In addition KCSiE is clear that staff need to receive regular safeguarding training.

This Level 1 online Safeguarding training is designed to help schools provide basic safeguarding awareness to their staff team and to help evidence the training that has taken place.

This training has been written specifically to be accessible for all levels of literacy and includes audio files to aid understanding and emphasise key points. The training takes approx 30-45 minutes to complete and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

Audience: all members of staff, cleaners, catering staff, grounds/site management, visiting contractors etc.

Cost: £3.00 per person + VAT

Safer Recruitment - full course

Are you confident that your recruitment processes comply with the latest safeguarding legislation?

This online course (updated September 2021)  has been written by our highly regarded Safeguarding Team, for governors, trustees and people who work in schools, settings and other agencies with children and young people.

It is designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of safer recruitment and it will enable you to be compliant with the most recent KCSiE statutory guidance.

You will receive a certificate upon completion.

The course consists of 4 comprehensive modules:

  • Understanding the risk
  • Preparing to recruit
  • Rejecting unsuitable adults
  • Induction process and continued internal vigilance

Cost: £29 + VAT 

Safer Recruitment Refresher

How can you be sure that leaders are taking all reasonable measures to ensure that adults are safe to work with children?

This online Safer Recruitment Refresher course is designed to increase and refresh your knowledge and understanding of Safer Recruitment.

This training is not a Safer Recruitment qualification. It is a refresher course for those who have previously completed online initial Safer Recruitment training with an accredited provider. It will enable you to be compliant with current legislation as defined in part three of the most recent Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE). This course will provide you with evidence and reassurance that staff involved in the recruitment process are up-to-date with current safeguarding guidance.

Cost: £15 + VAT