Early Years Foundation Stage Conference: Empowering all our Children to Live Healthy, Happy and Active Lives

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‘It is a stark thought that children turning 2 now have spent their entire life in the context of a pandemic. Their first years have been considerably different from what we have previously expected a ‘normal’ early childhood to look like.’ Amanda Spielman at the Nursery World business summit March 2022

Children settling into school in September 2022 will have spent half their lives in the context of a pandemic and for 2 year olds, life with Covid-19 has been their ‘normal’.

With this in mind, our annual EY conference will explore the importance of children’s earliest social experiences, the relationships they build within their settings and schools, and how we can give them the best possible start to their early education. We will explore, through a range of keynote presentations, the importance of early attachments, building positive relationships with adults and ensuring children are given every possible chance to lead happy and healthy lives.

Keynote speakers:

           Dr Sue Allingham, Early Years Consultant, Author and Trainer

           Jamel Carly-Campbell, Early years Educator, Consultant, Mentor And Children's Author

           Ben Kingston-Hughes, Managing Director, Inspired Children

           Dave McPartlin, Headteacher of Flakefleet School

Training Objectives

  • Hear from nationally renowned speakers in the field of early years education
  • Explore, reflect and consider ways in which your school or setting can develop current practice and provision to enable children to flourish.
  • Take time away from your school or setting to reflect on current practice and network with early years colleagues

Bring a colleague for just £99 (+VAT)

Product Code: EAYS-TRN-09004

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